Themes of the project

Outdoor activities  - developing social skills by learning about nature.

This is a basic theme of our project.

art   Art in nature 2004 - 2005 Finland

       The use of arts in nature and the nature in arts, working with natural material.»»

Fun with sport 2005 - 2006 Czech    sport

Humorous form in sport to healthy life style and good physical condition.  »»

  geo    Exciting geology 2006 Iceland                     
                  Geological history of the Earth, sources of energy possible to renew and its                     usage. »»

Enjoy winter nature 2007 Norway        sport   
  Games on snow and ice( skiing, skating, snowtubing, scooters, glaciers, buildings from         snow, … )»»

logoglobe  Know your environment by GLOBE 2004 - 2007                    
                     The main thing through the cooperation is to compare the measurements and                       to try to explain why they differ from school to school . »»